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Each course is a set of content pages and resources in a directory of the content area. Click here to view the content area

Technical Aspects

Click here to read more about the technical aspects. Eg: The database and the key study concepts of englishtap.co.uk

Components of Course Grades

Courses are graded on submitted work. The following types of submitted work may contribute towards your final course grade.
  1. Gap fill exercises.

    Gap fill exercises are marked by tutors. This allows tutor to grade responses according to any criteria. These are not simple "one answer only" questions.

  2. Multiple choice

    As usual these present a selection of possible answers. Our multiple-choice questions have only one correct answer You must select the correct answer by checking the radio box next to that answer.

  3. Click and match pairs

    A set of buttons to be clicked on and paired. This is a matching exercise. so can be used for exercises of the type Match 1-5 to a-e

  4. Freeform text submission This is graded by a tutor. The tutor reads the text and assigns a grade manually. This is used for essay type submissions.
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