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The Importance of Correct Pronunciation

Everybody wants a fork on the table!

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When you speak English, it is extremely important that you use the correct pronunciation of the vowels and consonants, otherwise you may be misunderstood The importance of good pronunciation - Recorded by Anne Perault
One day I
to New York to a big hotel. I
down to eat some breakfast. I tell the waitress I want 2 pieces of toast. She bringa me only 1 piece. I tell her I want 2
. She
go to the toilet. I
no understand
. I
two pieces on my plate. She said you'd
? better no
piss on the plate, son of a
. I dont know the lady and she
. me a son of a
. Later I
go (tense)
. to have some lunch at Drake restaurant, the waitress bring me a spoon, a knife but no fork. I tell her I want a fork. She tells me everybody
wanna fock.
. I tell her she
no understand
. , I want a fork on the table. She
. you
better no
. fork on the table you son of a beach. I dont even know her and she call me a son of a beach. So i go back to my room in hotel , and there's no sheet on my bed. I call the manager and tell him I want a sheet. He tell me go to the toilet. So I say you
no understand
. , I want a sheet on the bed. He say you
. not sheet on the bed you son of a beach. I dont even know the man and he call me a son of a beach. I go to checkout and the man at the counter say peace on you. I say peace on you too you son of a beach. I go back to italy!!!

What did you think?

When you have finished rolling about, could you look at the red grammar mistakes and correct them too!!!.
Can you read the text with the correct sounds for the long and short -i- ?

What do you think?

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