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News - Updated Sun 25th Nov 2018

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Click on the clock face image for a list of all the content pages and exercises that have been recently changed. This way you can re-visit some updated content. If you want any pages updated for any reason, just drop a message into the chat or contact Leon.
Note: If you fancy yourself as a content manager, You can write your own book here. Just let us know and we will find a suitable way to do it.

Wordties Changes

Hi there - We recently decided to make some changes to the wordties database so that we have more possibilities in the future design of packs and card sets in other languages and other levels. Basically we are normalising the database and adding a few columns and indexes. It means we will not be extracting data for a while but it will be a good thing for the months ahead.

We didn't expect wordties to make such an impression!! Now We are looking for people who would like to design their own set of cards. Designers get a fixed percentage of all pack sales! It's easy. We just send you a spreadsheet example. All the text for the pack goes into a single spreadsheet, following the example spreadsheet. After that you just submit all the art work by sending the images etc., You can send these via Skype messenger or by email.
Next : The profiles will be re-vamped ready for the site re-launch in spring 2018

The chat works again now. There was an avatar problem while all uploaded images were moved to a safe area outside the public area, for privacy. Now you can Open the Chat


We are working hard on the release of the wordties application. Leon thinks this is a very good way to improve your vocabulary with collocations. As you play, you develop more intuitive knowledge of the way that English words go together.

You can Try Wordties here but the app is not ready for release quite yet. By the way!! All site members will soon get free games downloads.

Wordties is great for improving your listening skills. Listening is much easier when you know what is being spoken about.
Free to Members Please subscribe here if you would like to have this app for free and get all the new game packs free too. You can take a look at the wordties game and if you like it download the app DOWNLOAD ICON
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