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  • You can talk to us on Telegram
  • You can create your own content :
    1. Write a blog
    2. Tutors: If you are interested in tutoring your friends and family or generally helping out, Contact us
  • Create a private school for close friends. We can set you up so that you can keep your own list of friends and family and work with them here in complete privacy from the rest of the world. To get started on this Contact us
  • Calling all artists Artists can send us images of their own work, which we will show on the site as credited works with links to your own web site. If you supply a logo, your logo may randomly appear at the top of pages to open your gallery on englishtap.co.uk

Telegram & ZOOM Quiz Time

Do you have a group of friends who might be interested in an online quiz conference ? Contact us in the chat if you do.
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Join for free and help yourself to everything here. If you want tutoring for you family consider a family subscription . This gives you grade reports for the whoe family for a single small payment. As a sbscriber you get to see exactly what work your kids have completed, when the work was done and how well it was done, even if you are not an expert in those subjects. It's up to parents to chase their kids and perhaps offer attainment rewards when targets are reached. Using our subscription, this is as easy as clicking on their name to view a web page.

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