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Do your best. A little work each day is better than wasting your time playing on the computer for yonks and then cramming at the last moment
Tip :   Can you explain the difference between, a perfect present and the present perfect?
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This is just a rough guide. On englishtap.co.uk, every syllabus has been set into our library file system. The course grades report and the files make the course. Click the search alongside each part of this base curriculum to list relevant study pages at all levels. It is our intension to match your grade report with all these keywords so that you can see at a glance what you need to do next.

Motivate yourself Record your private study. Share it with your tutors and your parents, so that everyone can drive you forward to greater achievements. Remember: Keeping your friends and family in the dark or being secretive about your study, is not good. State schools are guilty of this, but we will do our best to keep everyone in the picture, so that if anything goes wrong, we can all help you.

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English Maths Classroom
English History
English Core Syllabus
1 Greetings
  1. Hello. Nice to meet you. to be - pron. I you they etc., Numbers 1-20, days of the week 🔍
  2. I'm an English man. I'm a German. Countries and nationalities Numbers 20-1,000 🔍
  3. His name is Joe, Her name is Emma possessive adjectives 🔍 personal interview the alphabet sounds - spell your name and some words 🔍
2 Look around you. (Common objects in the room) Vowel sounds and pronunciation 🔍
3 Nouns
  1. Countable / Uncountable 🔍
  2. Plurals - Regular & Irregular 🔍
4 Present Simple 🔍
5 jobs - Guess my job 🔍
6 Possessive's
7 Family Tree 🔍
8 Adjectives quite / very 🔍
9 Wake up. Get out of bed
  1. Telling the time, present simple 🔍
10 Time words and expressions
11 The letter 'h' silent and not
12 Adverbs of frequency - routine
  1. On the first of the month - prepositions of time the voiced and unvoiced TH sounds
13 Can / Can't - Like
  1. can / can't pRON
  2. shopping - like + ing reading dates
14 Past Simple
  1. past simple History - Who were they?
  2. regular past verbs PRON
  3. irregular verbs in the past
15 Prepositions of Position/Place
  • there is / there are furniture and house
  • there was / there were
  • prepositions of place
  • present continuous
  • present simple / present continuous
  • 16 Articles The/The A/An
    1. a / an , some / any
    2. how much / how many (countable mouns)
    3. quantifiers. A lot, not much, little / a little
    4. be going to (plans/predictions)
    17 Good, Better, Best
    1. Comparative adjectives -er more
    2. superlative adjectives
    3. would like to / like
    4. adverbs well,badly
    18 Present Perfect
    1. present perfect
    2. present perfect or past simple