The End Times

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Old Testament prophecies. Isaiah 60:19 Joel 3:15 Isaiah 60:19 Joel 3:15

shall the sun be darkened ..and the moon shall lose it's shine Matthew 24:29

And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, Luke 21:24

Prophecy Ezekiel XIV 14:24

The Seven Sealed Scrolls

Revelation - The seven sealed scrolls
  1. White horse rider carrying a bow. Crown conquering. Revelation VI 1-2
  2. Red horse with sword to take peace from Earth. Revelation VI 3-4
  3. Black horse sign of famine Revelation VI 5-6
  4. Pale horse bringer of Death to a quarter of the Earth, Revelation VI 7-8
  5. Souls of Martyrs kept under the alter for a long time. Revelation VI 9-11
  6. Ominous signs visible in the darkness of the sky Revelation VI 12-17

Brides Matthew 25

Silence ...

Revelation 8:1
Revelation 16: Revelation 16 12-14
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