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Music is made of sounds. Musicians aim to create art with sound by molding the these elements of music.
The elements of music, according to Leon, are hidden from view below: Before you click to open up this list, take a moment or two to try to predict which elements of music will be listed. You might include some elements that are not in this list, but that's not a bad thing.
The Elements of Music
  1. Tonal quality or Timbre
    Often forgotten, but actually the most important aspect. If you are making sound, make good sounds!!
    A cat being strangled could scream perfectly in tune and with amazing rhythm but the listener experience might be painful.
  2. Rhythm
    The beat. The timing of sound durations down to fractions of a second. There's a lot going on here. Dynamics. Short rests etc., etc., Music notation is a good guide but the ears are king here. Look , read and listen
  3. Pitch - (Hz Fundamental Frequency) Musical pitch is produced by something vibrating. Most objects have a natural frequency depending on how it likes to vibrate.
    Playing in tune. If you are playing alone, the intervals between the notes should be clear and accurate. There are an infinite number of pitches that your ears can hear, from around 50 Hz ( Cycles per second) up to around 20,000 cycles per second. Check out the 12-tones.
Practice Routine
There are loads of pattern books and online videos with patterns. Try to learn them by scale degrees such as 1 2 3 5 4 rather than reading them all.
  1. All major scales up and down changing down a semi-tone each time.
  2. Dim Scales - Each ends on the 7th. Stat the next one a semi-tone lower by stating again on this 7th not as the new root.
  3. 1 2 3 5 ...4=new 8th then descend major triad.
    This one is asymetrical so we need to start ascending on the ones that were descending major triads
  4. Similar 1 2 3 5 => 4 descending triad but alternate between tritone subs for some chords
  5. Fast 12-ton serial of 4ths C F Bb / Eb Ab Dd / Gb B E / A D G
    This one is good to solidify the fourths

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