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Head teacher Leon

Student coordinator Yanling

My name is Leon. I will help you to learn English, Maths, Science or Music. If you are here to study another subject, you will learn with another suitable tutor.

Contact Leon on Skype = leonwool

Email: leonwool@fastmail.co.uk Sign up here and send messages in the chat

You can contact me on Skype to arrange a lesson. My Skypename is leonwool, so if you go to Skype, www.skype.com and then search for me, we can have a short conversation or send text messages to get started. leonwool that's just eight letters, L E O N W O O L

Skype : leonwool

WeChat : 7507299397 (UK Mobile)

QQ 1626885354
53 en

我是学生协调员。 我会在中国解释一切给你

I am the student coordinator. I will explain everything to you in Chinese.

Weibo contact QQ QQ Email me 1125353453 致电我们在欧洲
+33 783248371
Call us in Europe
Tel: +33 783248371
教师 良 (About Leon)

还要把你的想法写进去。你的写作比赛。 一个免费的i周末试听会, 15分钟的试听, 一次难得的机会。 后面还会有更大的惊喜等着你。 当你们通过一段学习以后,我们还会让你们写作文比赛。 这是有奖励的。一等奖,20欧元。二等奖,15欧元。三等奖, 有奖品,是英国特色的奖品。通过你们的学习,将来你们有可能会到英国来旅游


见我多少能与莱昂学习。联系我的微信有一个与莱昂的经验教训 awxuezhihua

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