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Last Updated October 25, 2021, 11:19 am
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Listen away from Home

You will listen to a series of five short extracts of about 30 seconds each. You will hear the five extracts twice. The speakers will all be talking about a similar topic. In the multiple-choice task you will answer two questions on each extract you hear.

Living in the UK


Living in Egypt


Living in France


Living in China


Living in Portugal


Suggested procedure

  1. Read the stem and the options for each question before you listen.
  2. Listen out for key words which relate to the options.
  3. Make sure you don't leave any question unanswered.

Read the two questions below. Then listen and read the first extract in which someone is talking about their experience of living in a foreign country. (The script is below the questions.) The correct answers have a different colour. Underline those parts of the tapescript that justify your choice of answers.

1 The reason the speaker came to England was
A for her partner's work.

B because it had always been her dream.
C in order to have a change.

2 Why didn't the speaker enjoy her time in England?

A Because of the kind of work she was doing.
B Because she missed her friends and family in the States.
C Because she felt insecure about her relationships with English people.

Discuss with other students why the two wrong options in each question are incorrect. Is it because
  • they are not referred to?
  • they are untrue?
  • they are partially but not completely true?
  • they are true but irrelevant?
  • there is a similar word in the extract but in a different context?
1 Now listen to the other four extracts in which different people are talking about experiences of living in foreign countries. For questions 3-10, choose the correct option A, B or C.

  1. The speaker didn't know what different local shops sold because he

    A had problems seeing inside them.
    B was unused to these kinds of shops.
    C couldn't read the shop signs.

  2. What does the speaker say about the friendliness of the people?

    A It was very unexpected.
    B It was an attractive characteristic.
    C It became rather overwhelming.

  3. The speaker's time in Paris was

    A very similar to how she had imagined it.
    B pleasant but a little frustrating.
    C a generally positive experience.

  4. What surprised the speaker?

    A How close she became to the French family.
    B How much time was spent at family occasions.
    C How few friends the French family had.

  5. The speaker and his girlfriend went to China because they

    A were teachers.
    B needed to earn more money.
    C wanted a change.

  6. The speaker felt embarrassed when someone

    A misinterpreted something he said.
    B wouldn't accept a drink from him.
    C made a comment about his watch.

  7. The speaker makes the point that English people

    A usually only kiss once on the cheek.
    B only kiss very good friends.
    C feel embarrassed about showing physical affection.

  8. The speaker felt embarrassed at first because she didn't

    A want to appear unfriendly.
    B properly understand how to greet people.
    C like kissing people she didn't know very well.
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