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Last Updated November 3, 2021, 7:16 am
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Words with multiple suffixes

Last Update : Wed 3rd Nov 2021

1 - Parts of speech

Can you find four words that have more than one suffix? Example : viciousness Give a whole sentence with each word. Not easy. If you get stuck you can use the -ly suffix to make an adverb, but full marks for finding words that have multiple suffixes without using -ly
If your answers are not marked immediately, this is because there are so many possible answers and a tutor must look at your answers. Send a message in the chat when you want a tutor to mark your answers.
  1. Write a word with multiple suffixes _________
  2. Write a word with multiple suffixes _________
  3. Write a word with multiple suffixes _________
  4. Write a word with multiple suffixes _________

2 - Read Words or not really words

Sometimes adding suffixes does not work because there is already a simpler root word with the same intended meaning or the suffixes are not working properly. Write either "correct" or "incorrect" into the answer box for each of these words.

If you are feeling a bit lazy, I'll allow a simple "N" or "Y" or "true" or "false" .
  1. Madnessity _________ Madnessity is a growing problem in our streets
  2. Bashfulness _________ Bashfulness is a kind of shyness.
  3. Conservationist _________ A conservationist want\'s to look after the environment.
  4. Harmlessfull _________ Something that is harmlessfull is very harmless.
  5. Conventionality _________ Conventionality is a concept or idea of being conventional or agreeable to normal life.
  6. Flexibility _________ Flexibility is a quality of being able to adapt or bend to fit a situation.
  7. Pleasingness _________ Pleasing experience. pleased to meet you. Pleasing?
  8. Loveliness correct✓ Lovely time. Loving parents. loveliness?
  9. Moodiness _________ Bad Mood. Moody. Moodiness?
  10. Rightuousness _________ A rightous man. The rightfull way. rightuousness?
  11. Vegetarianism _________ vegetarian meal. Vegetarian restaurant. vegetarianism?
  12. Wrongfully _________ Wrong way round. Wrongly executed. wrongfully?
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