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Drawing Conclusions 02

Have you heard of Giraffe Manor? It was built in the 1930′s and began life as a regular hotel. When Jock and Betty Leslie-Melville bought it in the 1970's, however, they decided to do something a little different with it. They loved giraffes and wanted to help with the preservation of them. Rothschild giraffes are an endangered subspecies but you wouldn't know that from staying at the hotel! Be careful when you eat your breakfast there, they like to pop their heads in to take a look.

From this paragraph you can conclude that...

giraffes like dinner Rothschild giraffes are endangered people only stay at the hotel to see the giraffes guests aren't allowed to interact with the giraffes Answers Accepted: Rothschild giraffes are endangered
From this paragraph you cannot tell...
  1. who first brought giraffes to the hotel
  2. why it is called Giraffe Manor
  3. when the hotel was built
  4. how many giraffes live in the sanctuary

There is an unusual snowboarder who takes to the slopes at the Liberty Mountain Resort in America. Ratatouille, an opossum, has his own snowboard and he enjoys sliding down the hills on sunny days, steering with his tail. He's a bit of a daredevil and doesn't wear any protective gear. All he needs is his fuzzy green jumper and he's all set. Opossums (also known as possums) are fluffy marsupials which are about the size of a cat and have long tails. Not what you would expect to find snowboarding beside you when on your skiing holiday!
From this paragraph you can conclude that...
  1. Ratatouille hates skiing
  2. The resort doesn't want the opossum on it's slopes
  3. he can't steer his snowboard
  4. Ratatouille does not wear a helmet

From this paragraph you cannot tell...
  1. where Rataouille goes snowboarding
  2. what kind of animal Ratatouille is
  3. how old Ratatouille is
  4. whether Ratatouille wears protective gear

Andrew Hellinga wanted to raise money for children in Zambia. As a keen cyclist, he thought he could put his passion to good use. Only he didn't want to do anything so mundane as cycling forwards. Instead, he rode backwards! He wasn't the first to do it, but he was the best. He set a new world record riding his bicycle backwards for 210 miles (337km) in 24 hours, only stopping once.

From this paragraph you can conclude that...

  1. Andrew is very skilled at riding backwards
  2. Andrew raised a lot of money for charity
  3. nobody has ever ridden a bike backwards before
  4. no one will ever be able to beat Andrew's world record

From this paragraph you cannot tell...

  1. what Andrew was raising money for
  2. the time it took Andrew to cycle 210 miles backwards
  3. where Andrew is from
  4. how much money Andrew raised
Anthony, a ten year old living in America, wanted a new PlayStation 4. He decided to earn the money by selling lemonade on a stand. One day, when he had earnt almost $30, another boy appeared and pointed a BB gun at Anthony telling him he would shoot him if he didn’t hand over all his money! Anthony fought back but in the end, the boy took his money. The boy was caught later on and will go on trial for the crime. The thief didn't stop Anthony though; he was out the next day selling lemonade again! An American university heard about this and were impressed with Anthony's entrepreneurial spirit. They gave Anthony the Young Emerging Entrepreneur Award to reward him for his hard work!
From this paragraph you can conclude that...
  1. the thief was younger than Anthony
  2. Anthony charged a lot for his lemonade
  3. Anthony was afraid of the thief
  4. Anthony was willing to work for a PS4

From this paragraph you cannot tell...

  1. if Anthony ever got a PS4
  2. how old Anthony is
  3. why Anthony was trying to earn money
  4. what Anthony was selling

Some Czech companies have worked together to develop a flying bicycle! Its first successful flight lasted 6 minutes but their aim is for the bike to be able to fly for fifty minutes with a top speed of 30 miles per hour. It's a good thing it's electric so you don't have to pedal! It has four huge propellers which make the bike very heavy. At the moment it weighs over 200 pounds which means that it can't yet fly with someone on it.

From this paragraph you can conclude that...

  1. big propellors are needed to make the bike fly
  2. the flying bike is safer than riding on the roads
  3. the flying car has already been invented
  4. no one else in the world is making flying bicycles

From this paragraph you cannot tell...
  1. how long it can fly for at the moment
  2. when the flying bike will be on sale to the public
  3. how fast the bike will be able to go
  4. how heavy the bike is at the moment
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