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Last Updated December 5, 2021, 11:02 am
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Asking for Permission



Formal and informal ways to ask for permission in different situations.

  1. Can I borrow your pen?
  2. please can I borrow your pen?
  3. Can I borrow your pen please?
  4. Could I borrow your pen please?
  5. May I borrow your pen?
  6. Is it OK/alright if I borrow your pen?
  7. I wonder if I could borrow your pen?
  8. (Is there) Any chance of borrowing your pen?
  9. Do you mind if I borrow your pen?
  10. I hope you don't mind me asking if I can borrow your pen?
  11. Do you have any objections to me borrowing your pen?
  12. With your permission I'd like to borrow your pen.

More things to ask about

borrow your phone... open the window... go to the toilet... take a picture etc.

permission drill

Here's a simple drill to practise the different uses of can/could/would for asking for permission. Write the following on the board and do it with a student to demonstrate.

  1. A Can I use your pen?
  2. B Yes, of course you can.
  3. A Would you mind if I used your pen?
  4. B Yes, of course you can.

I couldn't before but now I can

Make sentences about things which you have learnt to do

Remove the modal verbs and keep the meaning

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