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Last Updated December 22, 2020, 1:44 pm
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Building Vocabulary

New Vocabulary Tips

Pay Attention to :

  1. The meaning.

    Not always as simple as you might think at first.

    The meaning of a word is not always fixed and may change in ways that need you to become more and more familiar with the word.

  2. The Spelling.

    If the word has a surprising spelling for you, practice writing it down a few times. While you are at it, make up some sentences to show any variations in the meaning or use of the word.

  3. Pronunciation

    Once again, the pronunciation of a word may not be fixed. Listen to the word spoken by others, but consider accent variations and try to understand how you should best pronounce the word.

  4. Parts of Speech

    Remember, a single word may not always be the same part of speech. Everything depends on the sentence and how the word is being used.


    1. The word "duck" may be a verb instead of a noun.
    2. The word "estimate" could be either a noun or a verb and each has a different stress pattern.
  5. The Dictionary

    Before you look up a word in the dictionary, take a deeper look at the context or paragraph around the word. Make your best guess at the meaning of the word. Try to define the word with your own new context and try to imagine the grammar forms related to the word.

    Avoid a translating dictionary. Try to work in the language you are learning.

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