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Last Updated August 2, 2021, 11:40 am
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EFL Syllabus (English as a Foreign Language)

1 Greetings

  1. Hello. Nice to meet you. to be - pron. I you they etc., Numbers 1-20, days of the week greetings introductions
  2. I'm an English man. I'm a German. Countries and nationalities Numbers 20-1,000 nation-national-nationalities-country
  3. His name is Joe, Her name is Emma possessive adjectives possessive personal interview the alphabet sounds - spell your name and some words alphabet-spell-spelling

2 Look around you.

(Common objects in the room) Vowel sounds and pronunciation visible-nouns

3 Nouns

  1. Countable / Uncountable nouns-countable
  2. Plurals - Regular & Irregular irregular-plurals

4 Present Simple


5 jobs - Guess my job


6 Possessive's

7 Family Tree


8 Adjectives quite / very


9 Wake up. Get out of bed

  1. Telling the time, present simple telling-time-o\'clock

10 Time words and expressions

11 The letter 'h' silent and not

12 Adverbs of frequency - routine

  1. On the first of the month - prepositions of time the voiced and unvoiced TH sounds

13 Can / Can't - Like

  1. can / can't pRON
  2. shopping - like + ing reading dates

14 Past Simple

  1. past simple History - Who were they?
  2. regular past verbs PRON
  3. irregular verbs in the past

15 Prepositions of Position/Place

  1. there is / there are furniture and house
  2. there was / there were
  3. prepositions of place
  4. present continuous
  5. present simple / present continuous

16 Articles The/The A/An

  1. a / an , some / any
  2. how much / how many (countable mouns)
  3. quantifiers. A lot, not much, little / a little
  4. be going to (plans/predictions)

17 Good, Better, Best

  1. Comparative adjectives -er more
  2. superlative adjectives
  3. would like to / like
  4. adverbs well,badly

18 Present Perfect

  1. present perfect
  2. present perfect or past simple
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