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Last Updated March 22, 2021, 1:38 pm
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ALT IMG 1Exercises 5.1 Correct seven mistakes in this paragraph. | REAL WORKERS, REAL STORIES more stories about I"m a tecnician in a factory. I think I have a good work relationship with my colleagues. I tried to establish a good report with them from the very beginning. The person I like most is my opposite member in our office in Paris. My boss likes me to make the initiative. Generally, when I socialise with my jobmates outside of work, we try not to talk about shop, but it's not easy and sometimes we have a good gossip about colleagues and events at work. 5.2 Match the left and right-hand columns to make pairs of sentences. 1 2 3 4 5 6 5.3 We often work together. The firm's rather hierarchical. Peter's my counterpart. We work to a tight schedule. I don't think I"ll be promoted before her. Jess and I work half-and-half. a b c d e f There are several levels of management. Deadlines have to be met. It's a job-share. Collaboration is a good thing. We do the same job but he's based in Rome. There's a strict pecking order in the company. Use words and phrases to complete these sentences. her and we 1 A good friend suggested we set up a small company together, so I formed a in 2012. 2 I"m really tired; I"ve had a very heavy recently. 3 I don't want an office job. I don't want to spend all day stuck . 4 I"d hate to feel trapped in my job and to be stuck in . 5 I work for different companies at different times as it suits me. I"m . 6 I used to work for someone else, but now I"m my own boss; I"m . 7 I stopped working in the hamburger restaurant. It was such a dead . 8 When I was working in the factory, all I could think of all day was the moment when I could knock . 9 Being a hospital nurse is a good job, but you can't go out much with friends. The hours are a bit . (two possible answers) 10 I find annoying, because it means I don't have my own desk where I can keep things at work. 5.4 Choose adjectives from the box to describe the jobs below. You can use more than one for each job. Add other adjectives of your own. glamorous mundane 1 2 3 4 5 5.5 stimulating challenging repetitive stressful monotonous mind-numbing rewarding assembly-line worker in a car factory supermarket shelf stacker public relations officer in a multinational company bodyguard to a celebrity surgeon 6 7 8 9 10 varied mechanical lifeguard on a beach receptionist at a dentist's private detective refuse collector in a city night-security guard Over to you Write down words from this unit that relate to your job, or to a job you would like to do in the future.
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